Travelling-A Lifestyle by Anna

Why I Travel

I’ve realised that different people travel for different reasons. Some travel on an all inclusive 2 week cruise to escape their regular lives, some go on a whirlwind tour ticking off the big bucket list sights but others, like me, decide to make long term, independent travel their lifestyle and to make the whole world their home. This is the travel that really changes your life.

I believe that travel is so much more than simply seeing the sights – that travel, and the things you learn from it, especially when you travel slow, can really change your perspective and change your life.

I travel to grow as a person, to meet others who inspire and educate me and to (hopefully!) do the same in return, to have my life enriched by the beauty and diversity of this amazing world and to have my eyes, mind and heart opened wide.

I travel to make the most of my time on earth, to make every day count, instead of counting down the days till the weekend or to a 2 week vacation – because life is simply too short for me to live it any other way!

But most of all I travel for freedom – to live life on my terms, to be in charge of my own destiny, to give myself the biggest luxury – time. Time to pursue my passions, dreams and ambitions instead of spending the best years of life day dreaming out of a rain streaked window working all day for someone else’s dreams.

Some may say that long term travel is running away from ‘real’ life but for me I’m traveling to experience everything that life has to offer – I’m traveling not to escape life but so that life does not escape me!

This is the most personal post I’ve ever written, a part of me doesn’t like to talk about the past, the days before I took a leap of faith and then travel changed my life.

But I’ve realised that it’s all very well writing about how the cheapest places to travel or the most amazing experiences you can have in India, but the emails and comments I receive  from you guys asking how I afford to travel and how I made travel my lifestyle made me remember that the hardest part is making that first leap and I want to help you do that – to make this life of travel a reality for you too instead of just a dream!