Private Tents from Amarya

Amarya Shamiyana

Giddy with excitement, and hoping for the “pink tent” (other options of blue, purple, and gold), we trailed off down a little dirt road and walked through a giant silver picture frame into the intimate resort.  The property has only four well-hidden, color-themed, luxurious tents. I know what you’re thinking- how can a safari tent be luxurious? Think Arabian nights: drapery, jewels, silks, color.

luxury tents ashvem goa amarya shamiyana paros

The super nice French owner, Mathieu, welcomed us personally and the receptionist told us she had a complimentary bottle of wine for our anniversary (thank you!) They took our bags and showed us our room. Guess which tent I got? Drumroll… The pink tent! Ben was overjoyed…! You can tell the mural behind the fluffy white bed is hand-painted in prefect detail and the tent is huge (64m sq.). My bed at home is hard as a rock, so I could have wasted my day away in the plush down comforter, but luckily the sounds of the Arabian Sea persuaded me to get off my bum and go explore. I actually wrote down the name of the pillows they have, hoping to buy one online.

The tent décor reminds me a little of my time in Rajasthan, although I never stayed anywhere so nice there; I imagine a rich little Rajasthani girl has a bedroom just like this. The tent lures you into feeling like a Maharaja with a nice flow between modern design and true Indian antique decadence.


Often times, beach huts don’t offer many amenities, but here you might as well be at a 5 star hotel. The tents miraculously have A/C and hot water showers, as well as TWO verandas with day beds sectioned off with more drapery. Staff gives each guest a cell phone with reception’s number, and even the owner’s number saved in case you need anything during your stay. The room has safes to lock your valuables and the closet locks as well. There is plenty of lighting. It seems they’ve thought of everything, even magazines, fans, candles, iPod dock, and bug spray.

The bathroom is equipped with big fluffy towels, robes, and ‘Holy Lama Naturals’ handmade soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and face cream (I didn’t try that because it was whitening). Usually, I never use the hotel toiletries because they always suck- but these didn’t suck! To put it in perspective: My long haired boyfriend who thinks that swimming in the sea every day is a good enough hair wash, came out of the shower and said, “I love that shampoo!” Then two hours later, I kid you not, he smelled his own hair, and was like, “I’ve got to get some of this shampoo”. I’ve never seen him do anything so clean… it was shocking and weird. I should check his temperature.