Best Camping sites in Valley

1. Chadar lake, Leh

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If you want to take your camping experience to another level, set your tents at Chadar lake. Chadar lake is one of the best camping sites for an adventurous night out.The fresh water lake which lies frozen in the winters offers the chills that could freeze you from head to toe. A bundle of warm clothes is recommended for this camping. During the day, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains and lakes of Leh and at night, you can enjoy the best view of the sky with the bonfire . The camping at Chadar lake will give you one hell of an experience for the lifetime.

2.Manali Solang Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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If you are the one who loves the greenery of dense forests and meadows, Manali Solang valley is precisely meant for you. Not just that, Manali Solang valley offers the tons of adventure along with camping. You can trek to the highest of peak to enjoy the grand view of Himalayan ranges and on the trail you will be welcomed with the diverse variety of flora and fauna. Enjoy the warmth of the sun in the day time and the chills of winter during the night. The sun peaking out of the mountains and hiding behind one of those could offer the best of view.

3. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

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Leh and Ladakh are the hubs of adventure lovers. The camping at one of the sites in Ladakh can make you fall in love with the god’s artwork. Each camping site in Ladakh offers the freshness of blue water lakes that changes its colors several times a day.The scenery of green meadows and snow-peaked mountains playing hide and seek with the clouds. Ladakh is known as the land of the moon for its heavenly view of the pure white beauty of moon in the clear sky with the infinity of stars. If you are a craver for nature’s beauty in the purest of form, Ladakh must be on your bucket list.