Travelling in train- A Experience

1. Plan Ahead Planning ahead when you take the train is crucial. Trains are late more than they are on time, so make sure that you will be arriving at your destination a few hours earlier than you need to be. Tickets must be bought at the station or over the phone. At the central station […]


1. The Kashmir Railway (Jammu – Udhampur) The Kashmir Railway is one of the most challenging engineering projects in India. The extremes of cold and heat along with the unfavorable terrain and political scenarios make this route one of the most thrilling of all Indian train routes. This route has 20 major tunnels and 158 […]

Best Camping sites in Valley

1. Chadar lake, Leh If you want to take your camping experience to another level, set your tents at Chadar lake. Chadar lake is one of the best camping sites for an adventurous night out.The fresh water lake which lies frozen in the winters offers the chills that could freeze you from head to toe. […]

Private Tents from Amarya

Amarya Shamiyana Giddy with excitement, and hoping for the “pink tent” (other options of blue, purple, and gold), we trailed off down a little dirt road and walked through a giant silver picture frame into the intimate resort.  The property has only four well-hidden, color-themed, luxurious tents. I know what you’re thinking- how can a […]

Camping in India

Best season in India It’s unadvisable to camp out in the open in bone-chilling cold or enervating heat (unless you’re an extreme adventurer!). That leaves the rest of the year, plenty of time to plan a camping trip. The months of spring and autumn are the ideal, while both early summer and early winter offer […]

Travelling-A Lifestyle by Anna

Why I Travel I’ve realised that different people travel for different reasons. Some travel on an all inclusive 2 week cruise to escape their regular lives, some go on a whirlwind tour ticking off the big bucket list sights but others, like me, decide to make long term, independent travel their lifestyle and to make the whole world […]

Wild & Free Life of an Adventure Photographer

Sponsor The Dream Stefan became a professional photographer 10 years ago when he was just fifteen years old. “I was all about having large camera gear to impress girls, which didn’t really work,” he laughs. “I was just a big nerd on camera gear.” High school photography classes bored him, requiring him to shoot things like […]

Quotes To Inspire You To Adventure

Life is too short to simply walk the beaten path. Yoga inspires us to reveal our fears and hesitations so we can grow beyond them into uncharted potential. Yoga has helped me realize that a final savasana is inevitable. Our lives are brief, and there’s no time to waste. So don’t hold back! Don’t get stuck in […]